You are a part of His divine plan

I was talking about Oprah and with the Golden Globe Awards and the speech that she gave and how phenomenal it was. She was talking about women and it’s a new day and we’re on a new horizon.

We have to have gratitude which is all the things that I have been talking about.

Sometimes you try not to second-guess yourself in the things that you’re doing. I really have been trying not to do that, and I’ve been really just trying to follow what I am supposed to be doing or why am I doing these Facebook lives.

I do question myself because I’ve told you guys time and time again I’m not a preacher, I’m not a pastor, and I’m not a minister.

I’m just like the find things that touch my heart that inspires me and motivates me and I woke up one day and the spirit told me this is what you need to be doing so I just followed order and I started doing it.

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