Everyone has scars

There is an awesome power in women. God has chosen that women serve as the vehicle through which entry is made into this world. He has shared his creativity with women. Women are strong and willing to nurture others.

In spite of this, millions of women continually suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually. The enemy has attempted to destroy God’s vehicle of creativity.

You may be one of those who suffer. Perhaps you sit and wonder whether life will ever be normal for you. Maybe you feel like your circumstance has made you different from other women and you feel alone with no one to help you find healing. It could be that your emotional strain comes from having being abused and others have taken advantage of you and used you in most horrible and deprived ways.

You are left feeling used and dirty.

How could anyone want someone who has been abused?

Nevertheless you are wanted!

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Book reading is from “Woman Thou Art Loosed” by TD.Jakes

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